REVIEW: Refreshing Face Wash by Nivea


Asalamulaikum sisters,
I'm a face wash and scrubs freak. Whenever I go to a shop or a regular hypermarket I always look at the face washes and scrubs section, I have no clue why I'm so fascinated by them maybe it's the different colors & flavours they come in :D 
Since I was getting bored I thought of reviewing a sample from a merchandiser in the Nivea section. She gave our mom Nivea's daily essential refreshing face wash and soft cream. 
They're three types of daily essential face washes the one I'm reviewing is for normal skin and is a blue color gel. You're suppose to use it daily but I only use it once in a while, like whenever my skin feels dull or after a tiring day.

So let's get reviewing!

What the packaging says:
-Cleanses deeply & respects the skins's moisture balance. 
-Works best when Nivea soft cream applied after wash.
-For Normal & Combination Skin.
-Purifies and invigorates for a fresh skin feeling.
-With Vitamin & Natural Lotus Extract.

Honestly! I'm in love with this face wash and here's just a few reasons why-

-My skin feels refreshed, soft, doesn't over dry, glows, feels light.
-The gel lathers well so it's foamy.
-It Doesn't have a strong smell,  but still smells refreshing and soothing.
-I didn't feel any irritation or burning sensation (cuz I have a slighty sensitive skin).
-My skin felt soft, especially after applying Nivea soft cream.
All of these qualities last for quite a few hours.  It's affordable and easily available at any hypermarket and supermarket . And ofcourse I love see through colored gel for no valid reason. 
-The only thing I didn't like about it was the amount of times I had to splash water over my face to get rid of the soapy texture. What can I say ...I am a lazy person *_* 

Im giving the Nivea daily refreshing face wash 5/5 ★★★★★ with the exception of extra splashes of water on my face.

Repurchase: definitely

Price: around 2 Dinars. Available on Price details

For more details of Nivea's daily essentials face wash click here- Product details

Hope you guys liked today's review. Since I was reviewing this product (the younger Syeda sister) alone, I decided to keep it short and to the point, also because I loved the product and didn't have any negative reviews.
I know we said last time we'll be reviewing another product but since we just started using it we will review it later, INSHAALLAH!

Till then take care and remember us in Your Duas!
The Syeda Sisters.

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