REVIEW: Cool & Creamy wash by The Body Shop


Asalamualaikum Sisters,
We were at our Fav Beauty depot last week to fetch some products that we'll be reviewing on our blog.
We are Big fans of face washes & scrubs So today we are reviewing The Body Shop's Cool and creamy face wash :)
Its a part of the Tea tree line which mainly targets those with blemished skin. Its main ingredient is tea tree oil which comes from tea tree plants grown organically in foothills of mount Kenya, and this particular face wash does the job of making your skin spotlessly clear without over drying it and helps removes impurities.
So without any further due, let's begin!
Creamy texture
Wet face and gently massage the face wash. After a few seconds wash it off with a few splashes of water, and Pat your face dry.

It had a creamy texture and with that said the face wash didn't lather. The tea tree oil added a lovely scent  almost resembling to mint.
We love the cooling effect straight after you rub it on your face! It felt so refreshing and soothing ..hmm how do we put this? Almost like a mouth fresher except on your skin lol.
We didn't feel the need to splash water more than twice to clear away the soap unlike with other face washes we've tried before. 
Also, one of us has slightly sensitive skin but amazingly we didn't feel any burning sensation after using it (y).
After drying our face with a towel we've noticed two things- our skin was smooth and didn't feel dry or flaky.
Since its winter our skins fairly dry at the moment and we rarely break out with pimples so we'll have to wait till summer's here to use this product frequently So we'll do a follow up review this summer INSHAALLAH  :)
Tea tree cool & creamy wash will be perfect if you have oily skin, irritation due to acne or if you just want to feel fresh after a tiring day. You may however not like this product if you have very dry skin.
Its is available at all Body Shop outlets across Bahrain. It's priced at BD4 for a 100ml tube.
Seems right for the price as we only used almost 1/3 of our finger tip for our faces so if you are like us, the Tea tree cool & creamy face wash will last quite long, In Sha Allah :)

Over all we give this product ★★★★☆ 4/5
We'd like to thank The Body Shop for allowing us to review their products!
for more info about Tea Tree Cool & Creamy wash click here
Hope you liked today's review, stay tuned to our next Blog post as we will be reviewing another TBS product from the Tea Tree line!
Till then keep smiling,
The Syeda Sisters.

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