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So if you are following us since Day 1 of our blog you've probably have an idea when we started doing hijab.
Now living in a Muslim country we didn't face the challenges many Muslim women faced in non-Muslim countries.
Before we donned the Head scarf  you'd be surprise to know that we really didn't feel the need to wear it even though we were surrounded by proper covering muslimah's in our everyday life.
3 Years ago if you'd ask us about when we'd do hijab, we would tell you that we wear it only when performing  Salah or other acts of worship or perhaps at a Islamic lecture. We did however dress modestly, Alhamdulillah so we really didn't think it was necessary to wear the head scarf when ever we went out, little did we know what we were missing out on.
Modesty is Beautiful.
So this is how it all started:
Omaimah (The younger Syeda Sister) started reading articles about sisters around the world sharing their experiences on doing hijab. Now we did want to do hijab one day, but not right now, maybe after we perform hajj ?
Interestingly everyone had a different story to share; some wore it because they were asked too, some sisters stopped wearing it  & some wore because they saw others wearing it. They never really knew why they're suppose to wear it at first?
 What they all had in common was after their experiences of wearing the hijab they felt the beauty of the hijab, they saw the hijab  beyond the stereotypes such as "oppressed" laid by the society , media, etc in the name of modernism & freedom.
Mrs. Universe supporting World Hijab Day
And they understood why Allah (SWT) blessed us Muslimah's with such beautiful gift.
 All of them took pride in it and the sisters that once wore Hijab because someone told them to too or they saw others wearing it, now wore because they knew it was their right too. They felt empowered and it boosted their confidence and it also increased their faith in Allah (SWT). 
And the sisters that stopped wearing it, started wearing it again because they could feel the difference now.
The real modernism, the real freedom was the Hijab.
Hijab an obstacle? we don't think so!
We had the Iman rush ,you can say, after reading their stories, we asked ourselves... "When will we be able to perform hajj? and will we even live to do our first Hajj? we don't even know about tomorrow, how can we be so sure about 20 years from now? is this really what is stopping us?"
That's when we knew its time. 
The first place Omaimah went with the hijab on was the Grand mosque, to meet up with a friend who volunteered there.
"I remember it was an orange pashmina... the only proper scarf I had at that moment and it was ridiculously bright, now when I look back at that time, I realize what a bad idea it was lol. I should've gone for a darker tone. I can't recall my feeling's exactly at that moment but I remember how respected & happy I felt, and I know I might be over exaggerating a bit but I kinda felt like a Princess :D".

You must be thinking what the title of this blog post have to do with our story?
Well we're Inviting all our readers, whether Muslims who don't do Hijab yet and Non-Muslims to walk in our shoes for one day, on the 1st of February and see for yourself why we choose to follow a totally different attire while the rest of the world follows another.
What's the initiative behind this day you ask? watch the Story behind World Hijab Day by its Founder Nazma Khan

You are Cordially Invited to Join us at World Hijab Day!
If your not sure about it then how about Start with a trial?
We are pretty sure that all of us have some sort of scarf hanging around in our closet., just put it on, it doesn't have to be perfect , a few hair strands left out ..its fine . Now look at your self in the mirror and see how you feel at that moment.  Tell a friend and ask her to join you to feel more confident perhaps.

It is estimated that 1 million Women around the world will be participating at this years World Hijab day on 1st February 2014 so join the challenge and post a pic of you with your hijab and your experience at and Like their Facebook Page
Sharing is caring :)
We hope this blog post gave you some inspiration & we will love it if accept our invitation!
Please invite and share this event with every women you know for "Better awareness, Greater understanding. Peaceful world"-Nazma Khan
For more information log on to 

Till the next post,
Keep calm and wear Hijab <3
The Syeda Sister.

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