Ananasa Review: Accessorize with Arabic Calligraphy


Arabic Calligraphy has always been mesmerizing. It is an artistic practice of Handwriting in lands sharing common Islamic cultural heritage. You might have seen it in on Canvas's & Invitations but today we're going to introduce it in a completely different form.
We came across some Amazing handcrafted Jewellery and accessories on . Ananasa which means "For the people, by the people" is an online market place that nurtures Artisans from Middle east and North Africa who create lovely pieces of art by hand. features everything from bags to jewellery to clothes to housewares and much more. 
Here are some of the handmade accessories inspired by Arabic calligraphy that caught our eyes on
Arabic Calligraphy Bracelet(الحمد لله)- View details
Egyptian drop earrings with turquoise stone- View details
Arabic calligraphy Cuffs- View details
Palm Bracelet with stones- View details
Double knuckle ring with Zircon stone- View details
Key shaped pendant on a necklace- View details
Gold plated(brass) ring with Stone -View details
Double flower ring(adjustable)- View details
Arabic calligraphy cuff links - View details
"Beauty of the soul" onyx gemstone earrings- View details
So you see how Arabic calligraphy can facilitate such a range of accessories.
From Palm bracelets to cuffs to double knuckle rings...the variety is endless.
These were just a few of the thousands of hand made items at,
 if only we could fit them all in today's post. To be honest it took us almost 2 days to pick out our most favorites pieces.
If you would like to see the prices of these products or surf some more items from these collections then just click View details below each image.

Hope you guys got some inspiration for some new additions to your jewellery box.

Till the next post,
Keep smiling:)
The Syeda sisters.

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