Tutorial Tuesday: 9 tutorials for Soft Buns


Asalamualaikum sisters!

And its tuesday once again and sheesh is time flying or what? I mean Ramadan just started yesterday and now just a few dayS left till Eid-ul-Fitr!
Differently shaped soft buns!
We're so Excited about Today Tuesday Tutorial!
 This week we'll be sharing a very interesting recipe of Soft Buns!
 We're basically going tell you a dough that can be used for making pizzas, rolls, buns and so much more and so we are attaching more than one Pictorial below and for some we're attaching a link directing it to the Tutorial! 

Ok! enough with the chatter, lets begin!
Dough Ingredients
Theres 2 steps to this recipe so for the first step you'll be needing-
2 cups water
2 cups flour (bread flour)
2 tablespoons dry instant yeast
3 tablespoons sugar
1 teaspoon salt

Second step-
3 cups Flour
1/2 cup Oil

now the method-
In a bowl mix Flour, water, Dry yeast, sugar and salt(first step ingredients) and leave it for 10 minutes to rest.
Then Add  to this bowl  (second step Ingredients) 3 cups of Flour and 1/2 cups
 of Oil.
Mix this really well and knead the dough for atleast 10 minutes! and voila your dough is ready, now you can use this dough to make pizza or any of the pastries below!

Preheat the oven to 180 degrees.When you have made them into desired shapes grease a tray and place them on it , brush them with beaten egg yolks which browns them from the top and put it in the Oven for 15 mins or till you think there cooked as every oven gives a different performance according to our mom.

You can stuff them with whatever you like, we usually add mozzarella or feta cheese and sometimes labneh and olives. You can stuff them with minced meat or mixed veggies, its totally on you! 
Croissant shaped buns
After you've rolled it, curve the ends a bit to give it the croissant look!
Aren't these so chic, they look so complicated at first! but there ridiculously
simple to make!

You don't necessarily need to add a stuffing for this we sprinkled some mozzarella or after their baked slice through a make a sandwich.

See tutorial below

we just couldn't eat this one! Isn't it pretty.. Its So simple to make this birdy!
Just make a knot, tap down one end with a fork and add a black pepper on the other!

We couldn't find the tutorial so we will type in the steps and attach a paint version tutorial just to get an idea!
OK so here goes the tutorial for these roses, since we couldn't get a hold of the tutorial we thought we'd make our own computerized one lol ^_^ we hope you get the idea -

First Overlap 4 thinly rolled out dough almost the size of a mini pizza. glue the overlapping parts with water.
Now fill the center marked 1 in the image with your stuffing and continue filling down the center only!
After you're done with that start rolling it inwards in the direction marked No.2 in image until you meet the 4th circle's end.
 You'll get something like the thing on the right ,Next you cut it from the center all the way through in the direction marked No.3 on the image, and voila you got yourselves 2 roses. Sit them up on an oven tray like shown below
You can curl the petals from its edges to give it a more realistic look.
Garlic Knots, we learned how to make them from the YouTuber Laura in "Laura in the Kitchen"
Tie long dough strips into knots and when you remove them from the oven, toss them in a dressing of Garlic, Olive Oil, and herbs of your choice while their hot!
find Tutorial here
So guys that's it for today hope you will try one of these tutorials and  don't forget to send us a pic :D
Till the next post Take care and remember us in your Dua's!
The Syeda Sisters

*My mom found all these tutorials from the internet so we take no credit in coming up with the idea nor do we own any of these tutorials except the croissant one!

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