Tutorial Tuesday : DIY hijab/Scarfs hanger.



You must be wondering what Tuesday tutorial means, well it's pretty simple every Tuesday In Sha Allah we will be posting a tutorial that we made or we found on the Internet! Now we don't promise a tutorial every Tuesday each week cuz sometimes we get tangled in other things apart from our blog so we might not get enough time to blog.

So since today is Tuesday we've come up with our first ever tutorial ! ^_^ I hope you guys understand the steps! 
Now if you remember last time we blogged on different ways you can organize your scarfs/hijabs ( http://www.thesyedasisters.blogspot.com/2013/07/how-to-organize-scarfshijabs.html)

 and We mentioned three ways, one of them was to tie them in a normal everyday hanger we all own.
DIY Hijab organizer
                                  We tied them in a neat way and most of you probably have an idea how to tie them like that but just in case we thought we'd give a little tutorial for those who didn't get how we did it!
 It's actually pretty simple, We learnt this technique few years back in Oprah Winfrey's show and it was actually how to wrap it around the neck during winter, we're just implementing it on a hanger :)
step to step tutorial.

Checkout omaimahs monkey arms lol xD

You will need a hanger, 6 scarfs or more depending on the material of scarfs, and a pair of hands lol !

Now here is the step to step tutorial-
1) Fold your scarf into half.
2) Place your left hand in the loop that is created when you hold the loose ends with your right hand.
3) Place your left hand behind the opening of the hanger 
4) Bring your right hand towards the hanger upwards
5) And enter your right hand through the loop that you made in step 2 
6) Pull the ends of the scarf through the loop with your left hand
7) Pull it all the way till the ends of scarf come out of the loops and forms a knot
8) Now when you leave it, it will fall downwards, pull the ends of the scarf down to make the knot tight.
9) Switch the hanger on its opposite side and hang it ,Voila !

Now there is of course one drawback, untying the knot every time you want to wear it, but if you're like us who hang there scarfs behind the door, somewhere where it's visible to our guests if they enter our room you would probably want to make it look neater, but if you hang them in your closet you could go with this -
DIY scarf hanger source Google

My mom found this on the Internet, if you don't own shower hooks/rings and you're Asians like us you could use old bangles that don't fit you anymore , they work just as well! 
But you would need a sturdy hanger for that, so it's totally up to you, whatever you can get a hold of in your house.

So that's it for today, hope you guys liked our tutorial ^_^ and if you have your own way of organizing your scarfs/hijabs please do comment below!

The Syeda Sisters.

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