How To Organize Scarfs/Hijabs!



It's going to be almost 2 years since we started doing Hijab , Alhamdoulillah! 
At first we really didn't have any scarfs to match with our outfits or at least make sense with what we wore! We had 4 of them in total and they were very random in color- golden, beige, orange and black,  black and beige were our only favorites ! ^_^

Any who, fortunately there was a sale going on Max and Lifestyle so we grabbed every scarf we saw without thinking twice, which was very dumb of us cause some were just useless we hardly touched them since we bought them -_- like the square jilbabs! =)

And so we now have almost 40 of them (Yay Us!) but man it was hard to keep them in order without all of them getting tangled or creased up and of course the difficult part was to choose which one to wear! *_* 

Since many of you scarf lovers and Hijabi sisters out there might be facing the same problem like us. We will share a few ways we usually organize our hijabs /scarfs to make it look neat and easy to choose!

The best and the easiest way to organize is to get a hold of  the multipurpose hangers, like the purple loop one and the blue layered one shown below! We got the purple multipurpose hanger from Home Center for around 600 fils on sale, originally priced around 900 fils ^_^ , and we already had the blue layered hanger which we previously used to hang our pants on :D lol 
We spotted both of these in Home Store as well.

Now the purple loops multipurpose hanger I spotted in an Ikea magazine a few years back and I really wanted it, the ones we've got now are not a ditto copy of the Ikea version cuz there are more loops in it unlike the Home Center version and so you can hang more scarfs in a single hanger (y).

You simply pull one end of the scarf through one loop and the other end through the loop below and same for the blue layered hanger, this makes it easier to choose the scarf you want to go for, or you can tie the scarfs around the normal hangers if you can't find the multipurpose one like in the picture posted below.

There are so many other ways you can organize your scarfs and we've seen quite a few on Google :)
That's all for now girls, hope you liked our post and please don't forget to comment!

The Syeda Sisters.

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