Bonjour World ^_^



Welcome to our blog! =D We've wanted to start a blog for a while now , finally came around to it! =)

Now before we talk about what our blogs gonna be all about let us introduce ourselves! We are the Syeda Sisters, our names are Areesha and Omaimah and no we're not twins! ;)

 We were born in Karachi and were brought up in a beautiful island known as the Kingdom of Bahrain!

We've been here since we were like a few months old so we consider it our second home.

So back to our blog, Areesha will be blogging about beauty & wellness product reviews and Henna designs  since those are her passions and Omaimah shall blog about reviews of the current trends including modest fashion mostly , oh and cake decorating ideas and there will also be posts about Islam i.e our faith, we might also blog anything interesting that catches our eyes! ^_^
so yeah! that's about it, hope you guys like our future posts and we look forward to your feedback! <3

With Love,
The Syeda Sisters.

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