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Assalamalaikum World,

Summer is ending & we think this is a great time to remind you all of this wonderful Makeup prep package we received from @GoshArabia which had the best Concealer I have ever used along with a Lip Primer, two shades of Blending Eye Shadows and Primer Plus with Base Plus.

Make-up Prep Package!

First thing we shall talk about is this Lip Primer!

What they say about the product?
The unique formula of FIX IT! LIP PRIMER helps to smooth dry lips, creating the perfect canvas for long lasting lip colour.
FIX IT! LIP PRIMER contains an amazing active called MAXI-LIP, which has a 3D effect. It increases the lip volume,contours and provides hydration. It stimulates the collagen synthesis, moisturises and firms lips, making them smoother and more defined.

They Advice to:
Apply FIX IT! LIP PRIMER to the lips before applying any other products. The transparent coating will allow colour to

stay in place without bleeding or feathering, making sure lips stay fixed and on point all evening

What we thought about the product?
It definitely did help in making our lips feel moisturised and helped the lip colour in staying in place too so I loved it, if you think your lips need a prep before applying lipstick and that they tend to get dry due to the lipsticks you use, this product will help.

Next up, is the CONCEALER.

What they say about the product?
CONCEALER – HIGH COVERAGE - From camouflaging acne to erasing dark under-eye circles and even highlighting. Providing full coverage, it easily conceals imperfections and glides over signs of fatigue.
Fill in fine lines and correct colour differences while keeping skin hydrated, with this easy to apply concealer, creating a radiant complexion.

They Advice to:
Prep the face. Always apply concealer to clean, moisturised skin. Use the concealer applicator or fingertips to dab concealer under the eyes. Apply the concealer in an upside down triangle. Draw a triangle from one end of the eye to the other, bringing the point down the cheek. Blend the concealer in around the edges, so there is no obvious change in tone between the skin and the concealer.

What we thought about the product?
I loved the formula it really is gentle on the skin and the coverage is impeccable, a small quantity did great for me and it did not budge especially if you set is with a setting powder. I honestly used to find concealers tricky to use but this was as simple as 1...2....3 try it! you might love it too!

Below you can see a few of the the other products we received the face primer base & the two eye shadow bases that deserve a separate review therefore we are saving these for the next review post.

Hope ya'll liked the reviews , if you have any questions you can leave us a comment on any of our Instagram posts as we are very active on it this is our handle - @thesyedasistersblog and don;t forget to follow @gosharabia on their Instagram to see their latest updates.

You can also always get more Information and we give complete credit fro the information to https://www.goshcopenhagen.com/uk/

Take Care & Remember you are Beautiful inside out!
The Syeda Sisters

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