GOSH Donoderm Skincare Range!


Hello gals!

You all know how much we love talking about GOSH Cosmetics on our blog & every time there is something new in stores by GOSH we make sure to review it over here just so you guys can grab them off their kiosk at your nearest stores. 

This time we have a super special review of GOSH skincare range- GOSH DONODERM.

Yes you heard it! They have released their AMAZING skincare line and we can’t get enough of it. As always they sent their recent releases to us so we could review them and let you guys know whether they’re worth buying or not, we wanted to use it for a few month and then update you’ll.

So let’s begin with the most talked about product in the industry:

GOSH Donoderm Micellar Cleansing Water:

So as we all know Micellar cleansing water is the best thing that ever happened to our makeup and skincare industry. It’s an all-in-one product and for a lazy girl like me who doesn’t religiously follow a skincare routine this is the best way to clear off makeup and look refreshed in a jiffy. Micellar technology works by pulling away all the impurities like a magnet through a Miceller which is a molecule that captures dirt and lifts away oil and makeup without any harsh rubbing leaving your skin hydrated, light and refreshed. Oh and it also reduces shine and visible pores*. Isn’t that amazing?! this one is a keeper for me.

Key Ingredients-
*Cytobiol iris A2
*Vitamin A+E+F

GOSH Donoderm Cleansing Mousse:

So if you’re the type of person who likes to wash their face after removing makeup or cleansing their skin cuz you just don’t feel satisfied without washing,  then this product is for you. This cleansing mousse regulates sebum products and removes makeup leaving the skin perfectly clean with a Matt finish. It’s easy to use thanks to the pump applicator that oozes out soft foam which is ultra-gentle to the skin (a plus point for all the sensitive skin gals and guys out their!). It also leaves a subtle clean fragrance after wash. Gosh Cleansing mousse also has the ability to reduce shine and visible pores.

Key Ingredients-
* Eversoft

GOSH Donoderm Hand and Nail Cream:

Ok so what good is a skincare line without any hand/nail cream in their range, yeah? Luckily GOSH did add this product to their range and we are in love with it. Gosh hand and nail cream is an intense conditioning treatment that relieves signs of ageing and moisturises dry and rough hands and nails. It’s a very light weight cream and absorbs well without leaving any sticky hands or nails (Phew!). 
It’s formula is super cool. It’s packed with Vit E, C , Shea butter and Niacinamide that all help to strengthen the nails and protect the skin from ageing. I have a feeling this Gosh Hand and nail cream tube will not last very long in our home hehe, it’s going to finish in no time.

Key ingredients- *Vitamin E
*Vitamin C
*Shea butter

GOSH DONODERM 24h Moisture Gel:

We love moisturisers in any form. Our skin is dry all year round and is super dry during winters so we really like this one. The formula is a what excites me the most- Hyaluronic acid, Liquid sea minerals and Vitamin A,E, YASSSSSS! That’s one nourishing formula kids. Gosh 24h moisture gel hydrates and smoothens the skin texture. It’s weightless and gives a luminous glow after application. It’s a pressed serum (a hybrid of a serum and moisturiser)providing up to 24 hours of soothing hydration. It cools and refreshes skin and is suitable for all skin types. Perfect for skin prep before makeup and helps smoothen skin for flawless foundation application.

Key Ingredients-
*Sodium Hyaluronate
*Liquid Sea Minerals
*Vitamin E

That’s it for today’s review. I wonder if we’ve intrigued you all enough to go and get one or all of of GOSH DONODERM skincare collection products. We’re not going to lie when we say we will be using each of these products because we genuinely love their formulas etc.

Till our  next post take care and Assalamualaikum!
Syeda Omaimah

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