Review & Swatches: Rimmel Magnif'Eyes Pallete!


Assalamalaikum everyone,

Today I'm writing all about a product I received after craving and waiting for months hehe and I love it because it's useful for the perfect eye makeup!

The Glorious Packaging!
Cute, compact and sleek is all I can say as these three works do sum it up pretty well!

The back of the palette is so conveniently packaged , includes instructions.

This is a beautiful range of colours perfect for a night out or even a day at work because it has some non glittery formal nudes and a range of glittery shades perfect for this time of the year (EID!).The eyeshadows are all build able so depending on what kind of event you're going to you should layer up and blend blend blend! The guide behind the palette is super helpful for a person like me who loves makeup but has no training whatsoever in it so for beginners 101 it is! As for the pigmentation it's honestly quite pigmented especially the darker shades the glitter shades are not as much.

Now, for the fun part have a look at the wonderful shades in direct sunlight and daylight!

Since all those pictures weren't enough just one more after the sunset so that you all can see how beautiful the shades actually are! 😍


In Normal Daylight.

When the sun was about to set.
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Lots of Love,
The Syeda Sisters

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