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It's kinda cold still. I'm (Omaimah) done with my Finals, wohoooo! And so finally I have lots and lots of time to eat, sleep and BLOG! (Yaass) or at least that's what I want to believe. Today me and Areesha are going to swatch and review one of our Favorite brands that we've been blogging a lot about this past year; GOSH Cosmetics! 

This time they sent us a bunch of lippies from their new collection along with a GOSH primer night oil. So without any delay Let's jump to the review now

GOSH Velvet Touch Black Lipstick:

So we've used three of GOSH velvet lipstick before and we've equally loved all of them and So to our surprise we received GOSH velvet lipstick in the shade MATT. Now this is a unique color we must say. We've never actually used this shade before so this color was kinda intimidating to us. But to our excitement we tried it out and loved the consistency like all of their other lipsticks that we've used. 

I've seen lots of girls experimenting with this color and confidently carrying this shade especially in the month of October trying to different Halloween looks with GOSH Matt black lipstick. We're not really sure if we'll be wearing this lippie quite often but we would totally try this at a girls night in. 

GOSH Kiss me! matt lips:

Shade: Irresistible Kiss

We love the concept of crayon sized, moisturizing lip tints and we find them super cute too. The two shades we got were Irresistible Kiss and .Both of shades were flattering to be honest. They're sufficiently pigmented, and buildable plus is not to over powering either, it also depends on the your skin tone, the results will differ on every individual like you can see in the swatches above and below.

Shade: Flirty Kiss
I love their chunky packaging easy to use and handle and travel friendly. Also, perfect for day and night time looks and something I could carry it around in my purse all day. They come in 5 pretty shades and have a twist-able bottom. 

I would definitely recommend this product for all those low maintenance girls who just want a pretty finish lippie.

Gosh Lip Oil:

Okay this is the first time I've come across a lip oil and was actually clueless what it could do. Is it some sort of lip repair product?

Turns out this lip oils comes in different shades and its actually like lip gloss; gives a hint of shine and moisturizes your lips for as long you have it. But their not like your typical lip gloss; sticky or heavy on the lips, their actually weightless and smell so good and fruity and aren't sticky! 

We got the shade "Rose - 003" which is a pretty cherry color it looks so natural and gives your lips the "Baby" tint. This is definitely something to try out if you're a fan of lip glosses or natural looking lips!

The Applicator
The Swatch
GOSH Overnight Primer Oil Essence:

We've used 3 products of the gosh primer line (read review here) and love them for the flawless results so got a little excited when this oil came out. The primer oil comes in a bottle with a dropper. 

This product has really helped with improving my skins texture as my skin is very dry especially more so in winters. It helps in repairing dry skin by moisturizing it overnight and locking in the oils that formula includes essential oils. I don't know what else to say actually it was my first time trying an overnight primer it claims to prepare our skin for the next day and it definitely did that for me so I give it a thumbs up.

If you ladies have any questions regarding any of these products , kindly leave us a message and we'll get back to you ASAP.

Lots of Love,
The Syeda Sisters

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