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Assalamualaikum Beautiful People,

Are you girls seeing the amount of fog these days and nights even more around the Middle East and even in Pakistan! It's been years since I saw so much fog and mist! Any who let's talk about Rimmel's Primer & Foundation today!

I was super excited when I got this package as there were quite a few different variants of foundations to test out the others are coming up in the next posts but for now we start with the make up primer as it's the first step before applying foundation, and I am saying this because a lot of beginners also read our posts and like us they're learning too.

Anyway, once you've applied this make up primer it has a very smooth application it's a white liquid not runny , stable and easy to apply all over but it has a glittery finish which another primer of mine doesn't have, but it gives a fresher and brighter look so good thing oh and just by the way I, (Areesha) have dry skin so I apply a moisturizer before primer or else it just dries up and highlights my dry skin even more, so that's a no no please go ahead applying it with a moisturizer like (Nivea, Creme21 or whichever you use) and you'll get the smooth and light primer finish as I did. For a no makeup kinda day it gives your face a bright glitter shine that I could pull it off with just this primer and it has SPF 25!

The unique feature about this liquid mousse foundation for me was that it was 2 to 3 shades darker than my skin tone as you can see it's Shade 402: Bronze and matt finish so it totally gave me an awesome Matt dewy finish and tanned look ;)

It's all about being positive honestly I could sit and rant about it being darker but hey darker doesn't make a difference it still looks wonderful and what mattered to me the most was that it has amazing coverage but you should obviously look into a lighter shade option if you're conscious of your skin tone. It lasted the whole day and it is lightweight as claimed didn't feel like I have a thick layer on my face.

Availability: at all Rimmel Counters at all major hypermarkets across the Middle East.

We loved the products so we rate them 4 out of 5 stars. We recommend you all to try them out and let us know how'd you like them?!

Lots of Love,
The Syeda Sisters

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