GOSH Velvet Touch Lipstick in Kitch


Assalamalikum World,

Remember when we mentioned on our instagram that our first serious lipstick (not the kind we borrow from mum) that was genuinely ours that we got after a consultation was Gosh Lipstick well it was in shade Kitch and we're talking about it today!

We had at that time taken a few pictures of it and we think you all should know about it, cause it's just a beautiful shade and we've had the best experience with it and it's given us the confidence to carry Lipsticks.

Alright, now you can see the below swatches I did in both daylight natural with curtains drawn in the room and one right next to the window.

As you all might have understood by now, this is from their Velvet Touch Edition therefore the texture is very moisturized and smooth but it has this amazing velvety finish which is the BEST part about it. I also love the shade it's so adaptable to this day I can use it with a balm and make it look lighter than it is or build it up by swiping it more than 2-3 times on my lips and it becomes a beautiful darker serious shade. Basically this will always be my favorite lipstick for a lot of reasons.

Lastly, I'd love to clarify one thing I took this picture at work in between an audit crunch going on as you can see but I wanted a nice picture of it before I started using it therefore this was the result.

Price & Availability: IT was BD 4.5 when we got it and it was available at the GOSH kiosk at Lifestyle or anywhere else you can see them in major hypermarkets easily.

Lots of Love,
The Syeda Sisters

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