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Asalamualaikum Ladies!

We're back with another review of the very chic brand GOSH from Denmark. We've already reviewed many of their products earlier on the blog Here and today we'll be sharing our experience of GOSH summer collection. The Team at GOSH Arabia were kind enough to send us a goody bag filled their latest collection which made us go gaga! Literally!

GOSH Nougat Lip Liner:
The GOSH lip liner in the shade Nougat was a pretty maroon shade with pink undertones, It tightly shapes the lips and if you're in a mood of experimenting you can fill in your lips with same lip liner as well. It'll look AMAZING and give a a natural tint to your lips.

GOSH Velvet Smoothie Lipstick: 
Like all of their lipsticks the Velvet smoothie lipstick gave a smooth finish. It glides on perfectly and adds a hint of matte with every swipe. It gives a dark maroon hue, you'll love this if you like bold lips! The velvet lipstick was transferable I must say. Apart from that, the intensity and duration was ample enough to last a 4-5 hours.

Swatches: From right to left, GOSH lip liner in Nougat- double lined on the right side of the heart and single line on the left side. In the center is a single swipe of GOSH Velvet lipstick in Smoothie and two swipes of the velvet lipstick on the left.

GOSH Giant Pro Liner:
Okayyy so as soon as I opened up this beauty I knew this was going to be my favorite for a long time. The liner itself is so sturdy and resembles a marker. It's big and chunky so we were able to hold on to it well enough to glide it on to our eyelids.

 The tip of Giant Pro liner was like a typical marker too so like you would expect it was a whole lotta fun and easier to use it. It's perfect for beginners! The pigmentation was sufficiently black and it didn't dry out. Overall, I love this creation.

Below, we've tried to show how you can use it as you please thick or thin it does it all!

Look at how thin it is!
Brow Sculpting Fibre Gel (with Seaweed):
I'm not really an eyebrow person honestly. I don't color my brows simply because i feel like its a lot of work. I've reviewed brow pencils before but never tried Brow gels, so this was a challenge for  me. GOSH Brow sculpting fibre gel resembled a mascara tube. It comes with a wand with slightly smaller brush at the wands end.

We got the shade Chestnut and it actually turned out to match our brows. I could definitely tell the difference after applying and i must say it didn't make me feel or look weird like I expected it to. 

It feels a little wet while you apply it but as it dries out it feels just right. It however feels a little dry and crusty if you apply a lot of it. I loved it and would definitely keep on using it whenever I want my brows to stand out!

Overall, it gives a nice effect as you can see:

Lash Sculpting Fibre Gel (with Seaweed):
So, like GOSH Brow sculpting fibre gel, the GOSH Lash sculpting fibre gel also comes with the added benefits of Seaweed. It has a packaging similar to a typical Mascara. It has a subtle long wand and the bristles are kinda little short. We got the shade 001 Black.

Now for the product, GOSH Lash sculpting mascara formula was not to thick which a plus point. Sometimes thick formulas give a dry and flaky finish which no one wants honestly. So that's something I liked about it, As for my lashes, it didn't really do the job of making them look longer. 

My lashes did, however, look a little more voluminous. I would prefer GOSH Bombastic XXL mascara over this one though.

GOSH Foundation Plus. Cover + Conceal (with Seaweed) (SPF 15) in shade 008:
Now for the foundation. GOSH foundation claims to Cover and conceal your skin and protects it from the Sun. SPF 15 isn't much to be honest but it's definitely better than not having any. Having a SPF means you can go out in the sun with this Foundation and be protected from some, if not all, harmful sun rays, I applied some on to my wrist to see how well it matches my skin tone. It gave a golden brown hue which is ok if you're planning to do party makeup or going to a dinner.

This won't compliment your skin a lot if you're just going to hang out and need a quick fix to make your skin feel fresh. It does give an even skin tone over all which is something I look for in a Foundation. It also conceals well enough so I guess you guys can give a try!

Once you take it out of the packaging it looks like this:

GOSH Contour'N Strobe Kit:
I was honestly super excited for this palette. This is our second contour palette that we'll be using and reviewing on our blog. GOSH Contour'N strobe kit comes with 4 compartment kit, A highlighter, a blush and 2 shades for contouring. At the back of the kit they've printed a quick guide on how to use the kit for beginners. I love kits that label out everything making it super easy for the consumers.

The pigments were just right! Not to subtle and light and neither to bold and bright. This kit is definitely going to stay with me for a long time! And if you've already cleared the stage of contouring and want to experiment with Strobing you can try that out as well! 

Hope you guys liked our GOSH products review. There a drugstore brand on the higher end but the quality  is worth every penny! We honestly love all their products and recommend them to anyone out there who can get a hold of them and also love the fact that they keep coming up with even better products that are unheard of! Thank you GOSH team for sending these over to us , stay tuned for more reviews about GOSH coming up!

Lots of Love,
The Syeda Sisters

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