Dolce Gelato - Re-Launched!



We all probably have come across one person in our life whose very peculiar about what they eat? Someone whose very conscious about calories or maybe the ingredients, preservatives E-codings. As annoying as that is there are somethings we need to be careful about when choosing what we eat out.

Gelato could be ice cream if ice cream tried harder! ;) We love this!

Last week we were invited to the awesome Relaunch of Dolce Gelato - a Gelato Parlour (the first of it's kind in Bahrain) located at Saar mall. Sounds cool yeah? We discovered something very interesting about this local Bahraini Brand founded by Ahmed Abdul Latif and his Sister Abeer Abdul Latif. Apart from having tons of different drool worthy flavors, Dolce Gelato has zero preservatives added in their Gelatos! Yeah you heard me!

I love how the founders went a step further with introducing something very different from the typical industrial ice cream filled with preservatives. We were lucky enough to try out many of their exciting flavors at Dolce Gelato's Relaunch. Our favorite has to be Cookies and Cream.

The Flavors that are labelled perfectly below, were quite a lot to choose from as you can see, basics to perfect combinations of the latest trends! Scroll on!

We've put them in the order they were displayed from Left to Right across the display counter! At the end they also had a few cakes on display as you can see below:

The infamous Gelato Burgers and Newly introduced Hot-dogs or should we say Cold-dogs , which I lost the picture to but I'll look for it and find it and upload it!

Special mention to the ever helpful staff at the store who were helping everyone out despite the crowd as well as the Owner himself who was serving everyone and was the perfect host!

Oh, and since Bahrain is super tiny , the owner's dad came to visit and so did our dad as he drove me their and when they saw each other they were oh Assalamalaikum and then Ahmed's dad says this is my sons shop and dad goes like Really! What a small world! Just goes to show how we all are intertwined!

We tried quite a few , but then we realized we didn't take many pictures as we were too busy indulging in them so here's one out of the many flavors we got to taste:

If this post wasn't enough to entice you to go, I don't know what will?! Hehe you can find Dolce Gelato at Saar Mall they're open throughout the week. We definitely recommend you guys to try them out. They also were at Block 338 and Argan Village over the past weekends!

Lots of Love,
The Syeda Sisters

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