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It's summer these days and the heat just gets to our skin in the most meanest of ways- oily skin, pimples and red patches for some. The way everyone follows some sort of skincare regime during the winter, we believe there should be one the everyone develops during summer as well! This should also include drinking lots of water everyday, this actually helps your skin fight all the summer 

So today we decided to give you guys a quick review on one of the amazing products that we discovered through Apparel Group. We got some products from Bottega Verde and little did we know we would fall in love with this new store in town!

Bottega verde is a Italian Brand that creates amazing skincare, beauty and makeup products from organic plants like aloe Vera, honey, oats etc. Bottega Verde was founded in Italy, between Florence and Siena:in Pienza, a small Tuscan town listed by UNESCO on account of its natural, artistic and cultural heritage.

This home to tradition, which nestles amongst hills, vineyards and wheat fields, was opened in 1972 as a small herbalist shop with a passion for artisan 
production and sale of Cosmetics based on natural active ingredients.What we most love bout them is the affordability of Bottega Verde products compared to other brands in Bahrain & the rest of Middle East!

Shall we begin?

Bottega Verde Aloe Vera Nectar Face Mousse:

This is on our number 1 list simply because it's such a soothing face wash. This is actually a mousse that you have to rub over your face. You shake the bottle first and push the pump and voila a foamy mousse comes out. One or two pumps are enough for us. 

I have a little sensitive skin that means every time I use a face wash my skin will start to tingle with a slight burning sensation always! But I haven't experienced that with this Aloe Vera nectar face mousse. You can use it when your skin is feeling dull and when you need to wake up your face, and you can also use it to remove makeup! What a multi tasker.

The packaging is cute and easy to use. And the amount of product you get in each bottle is Enough to last you for months! 

Re-purchase? Umm YEAH! I already did in Bottega Verde's amazing sale!

LocationOpposite to Starbucks and next to Aldo and Inglot First floor of Seef Mall, Muharraq.

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