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Assalam Alaikum Foodies,

It's already been half of Ramadan and it's passed by so soon for me at least ! As for today's post I hope you all read it after breaking your fasts (You've been warned) :D

Slice view of Chicken Chipotle

We were invited to Johnny Rockets.So, our visit to Johnny Rockets started by us being greeted by one of the staff members who asked us to choose a place to be seated and called the manager who welcomed us with the menu cards and asked us to place our order.

After contemplating for around ten minutes we finally decide to begin our dinner: We started by ordering two chocolatey malts one was Double Chocolate Malt and the other was Oreo & Chocolate Shake Malt.

The Malts:

Oreo Malt Shake.
Double Chocolate Malt

The Appetizer:
As for the beginner or appetizer we chose these Chilli Cheese Fries , they're not too spicy as they might seem to be , the coverage is just right to tickle your taste buds and the cheese just accentuated the flavors!

We also had Classic Chicken Strips with honey mustard sauce which we liked as it had a nice tangy touch to it. As for the chicken strips as you can see in the image below they were crispy, fresh and very well done, we loved them.

Main Course:
The Burgers of course are what Johnny Rockets are what all the rave is about , so we had to try them we're not fans of beef burgers therefore can't comment on them but these Chicken burgers shown below were absolutely Delicious, I can go and have them any time of the day they're amazing and definitely value for your money. One Important thing to mention here BUNS were freshly baked you could literally taste freshness!

Slice view of Classic Deluxe Chicken Burger.
So we had half of each so we both could judge the taste, if you're a person who isn't into sauce filled burgers then the classic Chicken Deluxe would be the way to go, it's simple as you can see it does have sauces and cheese in it but not the kind that can't be handled as for the Chicken Chipotle my personal favorite from now on , had so much flavor I just can't summarize hehe it was a perfect combination of sweet and spicy thanks to the sauces as well as the caramelized onions which just added an amazing flavor to the really well done chicken fillet piece between the bun.

Had to Snapchat.
Slice view of Chicken Chipotle
The Dessert:
We were actually to full to have any so we sat and talked and chilled for a while , before we ended up ordering their Perfect Brownie Sundae , it had a bit too much cocoa for me but if you're fan of dark chocolate please do try it and the ice cream calms the cocoa flavor down a notch so it was good with all the cream.

Their Look:
The look of the restaurant needs to be seen. It's an amazing 70's look , I loved everything about it maybe because it felt like time has stopped for a bit (filmy I know!) but it really felt like that...they had very calm old time music playing as well so that just added to the ambiance and each table had a jukebox which had a list of songs from the past decades and by putting 100 fils coin you could choose a song and it would be played.

On every table.
Absolute Seventies Look!
The Seating.
The Menu:
In case any of you want to know how it looks like, sorry the images aren't perfectly clear.

The Takeaway:
As I mentioned earlier their portions were more than enough , we just couldn't finish everything and we hate wasting therefore got it packed up.

  • Firstly, the price might be a little higher compared to other fast food places but the value for money makes the price worth it! 
  • Secondly, the ambiance and the look of Johnny Rockets, as we mentioned very calm and subtle place to chill with friends or family.
  • We must mention the staff because honestly a dull staff can make any good meal seem bad but we faced no such issues everyone was very kind and friendly which just added to our experience.
  • We also loved the fact that there is something  for everyone (Veg , Non-veg, Adults or Children) in their menu.
  • Overall our meal was Amazing and our ratings are as below:
  • Food Rating:  ★★★★ 5/5 stars.
  • Customer Service Rating:  ★★★ 5/5 stars.
  • Price Rating:  ★★★ 3/5 stars.
Hope our review is detailed enough for anyone who was looking for a review on Johnny Rockets. We would recommend everyone to give them a try!

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Until our next post , Eat Well! :)

The Syeda Sisters

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