WILTON launched in Bahrain!


Assalam o Alaikum Readers,

We have great news for you, if you bake or are a fan of baking in general you'd know one of the biggest suppliers of Cakes/Cookie/Cupcakes/Cake pops/Candy related decorating tools and supplies are Wilton. They are NOW OPEN at Bahrain Mall, First Floor next to Payless,in the area before the food court.

Let me warn you, this post is a super photo heavy post as I wanted you all to see what this new store entails. Hope this post is enough to make you all curious enough to visit soon!

Pick one up & get ready to shop!
As for what we thought. We loved absolutely everything about it! 
  • Firstly, the fact that they have such a huge variety of everything to do with creating a masterpiece. 
  • Secondly, everything is in order and labelled, so it's super easy to find what you're looking for.
  • Thirdly, the environment and colors are very calming & there is plenty of space to walk around comfortably without feeling constricted. 
  • Last but not the least, the staff are super friendly and are always ready to help you out in case you have any queries.
Let's begin the tour!
Edible & Decorating Delights:

Sparkles & Candles!
Icing Heaven:
My favorites!
All Types of Non Stick Baking Pans:

Literally all types of pans!

All types of Silicone Accessories,Moulds,Plungers and Cutters:

In sets of all types.

All Kinds of Cake Beautifying Accessories:

How cute are these!

Pans & Pan Sets:

Loved all of them!
Cupcake Accessories:

So many to choose from!

Cake Packaging Materials:

Now, for the most exciting part: 
They are starting Wilton Classes in this branch from September 2015. We luckily got a tour of the teaching section by Ms. Dina Pavlova, which we had to click for you all:

The Courses Offered & The Teaching Area:

The students learning stations.
The teaching station.
Well, that's a wrap from the Launch of Wilton in Bahrain on 27th June, 2015. 
We tried covering all parts of the shop so you could get an idea of what is available. Let us know, if you have any other queries regarding it as we'll be more than happy to respond.

If you turn around while leaving Wilton, this is what you'll glance on.

The Kitchen Aid Colors Variety! 

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The best part is that now all you lucky people in Bahrain can shop all the Wilton Cake Decorating products online at the following link: http://www.tavolashop.com/bh/baking-cake-decorating/

Until our next post , Enjoy Baking! :)
The Syeda Sisters

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