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Greetings Everyone,

This post is all about our Sigma Must-haves which we are planning on buying as soon as we can! Also, this is to show you girls the variety Sigma has. We honestly didn't know much before entering the blogging world and in due time, we have discovered from our fellow bloggers reviews and personal experiences all about Sigma's range. Therefore , we know Sigma is a brand we can trust for the quality of both their brushes and make-up range.

Without further a due , let me show you my favorites that are on my wishlist:
Let's begin with my favorite Brushes! (I think a girl can never have enough there are so many to choose from) you can see their entire range of them by clicking here.

E38- Diffused Crease.
Costs  US $ 16. It is best used with powder products to apply color to the crease and soften eye color on the lids providing firm control. For more details click here.

 E25- Blending
Comes at a price of US $ 14. It features a slightly firm and rounded brush head for universal blending of products. Works well to soften intense lines and edges and great for combining colors on the lid. For more details click here.

E45 Small Tapered Blending
Priced at US $ 14. This brush is ideal for adding depth in the crease with control of product placement. Works great with dark shades of powder shadows keeping them in place. More info click here. 

F86 Tapered Kabuki.
Priced at US $24. This brush provides a high definition finish best used with liquid products to conceal around the eye and contours of the face without any absorption of product. For more info click here.

3D HD Kabuki
This is priced at US $24. It was uniquely designed for all areas of the face to apply liquid, cream and powder products uniformly on every curve, crease and angle. For more info click here.

Below, is one of their Eye shadow base kits which I Love. It's priced at US $ 21.60. Helps to intensify color pigments and make the eye shadows stay in place and crease-less all day and night. Universally designed to reduce surface oil and complement all skin tones. Can be used with powder, cream or gloss shadows. Paraben-free. For more info click here.
Eye Shadow Base Kit in Dare

I must mention I don't like eye brow products as I am pretty satisfied with how mine are presently so they aren't included in my list but sigma have a range of them as well.

They have quite a few Eye shadow palettes as you can see by clicking here!
I love all of them but the below two are out of the ordinary and I've become a fan of them and would love to review them some day soon!
For the below shown Flare Palatte retailing at a discounted price of US $23.40/- only, for further info about it click here.
Color definition.
For the below Paris Palette retailing at a discounted price of US $ 35.40/- only : Click here for further details.


The colors defined.
The colors defined.
They also have a Lip Gloss range of US $ 10 each , with 14 shades out of which two of my favorites can be seen below, you must see the rest of the shades on this link.
Tint shade.
Tranquil shade.

That's my wishlist for now, these are the basics which I'd love to own and I recommend all of you to check out the links we've given above you might bump into something you like and the best part is they have monthly incentives: June's incentives are as mentioned below:

  • 10% OFF sigma orders when you use Sigma coupon code GLOWGETTER at checkout. Valid through May until June 30 2015.
  • FREE GIFT with order of $30 or more. For June 2015, get a free gift with orders of $30+. You can now choose your free gift! Get more choices, with ranges from $30, $50, $100 and $150. Mirrors are free for orders of $150+ from Sigma Beauty.
  • FREE US shipping on all orders $50+ thru June 2015. 
  • FREE International shipping on orders of $150 or more!
Who can say no to such wonderful offers? Go ahead and visit Sigma Beauty now. We hope this post helped in getting to know them better.
*This is not a sponsored post but yes we got most of the details and links from Sigma Beauty official website.

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Until our next post , Keep Smiling! :)
The Syeda Sisters.

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