Freshest Food In Town: Vapiano Bahrain!


Assalam alaikum to all our readers,

Today we'll be giving our first restaurant review. Our agents at O' talent, got us this delicious opportunity* to dine in at Vapiano, and try out their new menu!

"One cannot think well, love well, sleep well if one had not dined well." - Virginia Wolf
-Where is it located?
Bahrain City Centre , 1st floor difficult to miss seeing it!

-What happens when you enter?
When we entered Vapiano, we were greeted by a pretty hostess she passed us two electronic cards and asked if it was our first time at Vapiano? We said yes, after which she politely gave us a quick idea of what the purpose of the card is and how one's suppose to use it.

Vapiano is the first waiter-less restaurant in Bahrain.
Yes, you read it right! Waiter-less service. Here, you go and order your food yourself and take it with you to your table when its ready and enjoy so it's complete self service! Our convenience is prioritized and that's one thing that we really loved! 

-What to do?
First, you have to go up to either the Pasta, Pizza, or Salad station and order whatever you've liked from your menu and swipe your card across an e-reader that will record what you've ordered along with its price:

The Counter where all the magic happens!  :)
Each staple food type have their corresponding food station when you can see your food cooked live in front of you. Once you've selected what you want, within 3-5 minutes your pasta, salad/anti pasta will be ready to eat. The pizza takes a good 5-10 minutes to get ready so Vapiano offers a buzzer (as seen below) to every customer which they can take with them to their table and wait ,once the buzzer starts vibrating, it means your pizza is popped out of the oven , hot and delicious!

The coolest device : A Pizza Buzzer!
Buzzing: When the pizza is ready!
Above the food stations is a black board (as you can see) with many interesting food quotes and drawings of food, celebrities and monuments, etc.

-What to eat?
Vapiano offers a wide range of staple Italian cuisine. So it was quite difficult to choose which dish to go with it. Below are few clicks of their new menu honestly the names of the dishes can be a little confusing at first but the friendly staff are always ready to help! 


-How is the ambiance?
The restaurant is sprinkled with the smell of fresh rosemary and basil plants that are kept on everyone's high table along with three bottles of olive oil, chili oil and vinegar. Seating is very casual and very comfortable.
As fa as the ingredients of the dishes are concerned, they are all fresh and the pasta is made daily with fresh dough which is made out of non-dairy products every morning! They also have a pasta factory where pasta is made live everyday!

The beautiful collection of plants!
Olive tree!

Above the food stations is a black board (as you can see below) with many interesting food quotes and drawings of food, celebrities and monuments, etc.

There is also a dessert and juice bar area on the other side of Vapiano, soft drinks station where you swipe your card and order drool worthy Creme brulé, Tiramisu, Chocolate cake and much more.

Seating on one side, forgot to click the other side.

Each table has these.

-What We Ate? 
On to the yummy part now: For Anti Pasti, we had Caprese which was made up of fresh rocket leaves, cherry tomatoes, big ball of buffalo mozzarella cheese drizzled olive oil & the combination was harmonious.

Caprese Salad.

For Pasta, from the Vapiano Della Casa section, we had Scampi E Spinaci with linguine pasta , which was tossed in basil pesto & cream, fresh baby spinach leaves and jumbo shrimps topped with grana padano cheese, black olives and oregano. This dish was amazing with every & the shrimps were cooked just right! Delicious!

Scampi E Spinaci Pasta.

For Pizza, we had BBQ chicken from the International Inspired section. This was the yummiest! It had big chunks of barbecued chicken, bruschetta tomatoes, smoked cheese, tomato sauce topped with a red onions and mozzarella.

BBQ Chicken Pizza!

Margherita pizza was our second choice from the Classico Italiano section. The thin crust was so good! covered in home-made tomato sauce base & mozzarella. It certainly was one margarita pizza that we haven't tasted before.

Margarita Pizza!
They have a wide range of juice and soft drinks to choose from , we went for the classic as you can see on the side.
Loved the old school bottles!

As for Desserts, they were complimentary for all the guests: It was Crema di Fragola made up of Mascarpone cheese mousse with strawberry's and mocha powder sprinkled on the top! Now, this one was drool worthy, very light yet filling!

Crema Di Fragola.
-How to leave?
At the exit, there's a counter at which one of the hosts will be waiting to swipe your card and your total bill due will appear , you pay and leave, a very quick and easy process no waiting at all!

Takeaway bag.
Conveniently packed.

Oh and we got our pasta packed to be taken away and were pleasantly surprised with the the packaging of the take away, a microwaveable container just like the Vapiano bowls. Simply Genius!

Chicken Alfredo.
What's our Verdict?
Overall the food, staff and a serene ambiance perfect for lunch or dinner after a hectic day at work or home.
We rate them 5 out of 5 stars & we'd Recommend you all to try it as soon as you can.

Take Care, Eat fresh and healthy!

Till the next post!
Love ,
The Syeda Sisters!

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