REVIEW: Tea tree oil by The Body Shop


 Asalamualaikum sisters <3
Don't you hate surprise pimples and acne! They always show up on that perfect day that you were planning for ages :(
Today we'll be reviewing our 2nd TBS product which has also been their Best Seller for quite a while: Tea tree oil.
Our First review was from their Tree tea line as well; Tea Tree Cool & Creamy Face wash. You can read its review here.
Tea tree oil has antimicrobial properties, that kills skin dwelling bacteria which is responsible for the development of acne in the first place.
Tea tree oil does take some time to clear up the acne but what makes it different from other acne treatment products is that they'll be fewer or no side effects after applying it.
Shall we begin?

We at first applied it with a cotton bud but then moved to directly applying it with our fingers since it was more easier to work with. This is also good for facial, just add a few drops of Tea tree oil into Water and steam your face.
The bottle has a easy nozzle which is something we really liked since it controls the amount of of oil you need without wasting any excess oil. Usually a drop or two is enough to cover any blemishes for us.There are no specific number of days you have to apply this oil, it varies from people to people.
the opening of the bottle; the nozzle.
Unlike its name suggest, Tea tree oil does not have an oily texture so its easily absorbed into your skin. Also since its a clear and watery liquid it drys up quickly making it unnoticeable to others.  It has been already diluted therefore it can be applied directly to your spots.
It has an amazing smell like its face wash we previously Reviewed. The scent is very minty and stress relieving and not too over powering at the same time.
We didn't feel any irritation or burning sensation after applying it. 
We usually apply it at night before going to sleep but it totally depends on you whenever you want to apply it. Some people who do night skin care routines apply it after cleansing and toning their skin.
We saw results in a while, Initially it reduces the redness of the acne and then the pimple starts to shrink. It does however dry up the skin around the acne(less than a millimeter in proximity), of course that's unpreventable since no ones a perfectionist lol. You might not like this product if you are looking for an overnight miracle.
You'll love this product if you're more of natural products lover and its a good alternative to the chemical based spot acne treatment available over the counter.
 Packaging & Availability:
Tea Tree Oil comes in a 10 ml green tinted bottle. You have to press down the cap to open it, this function of the cap secures the bottle not letting any of the essential oil to dry up or fly away  (like how our mom says it) or Flow out, so its perfect to carry around in your make up purse/bag without worrying about it dripping all over your bag ^_^. 
Its available at all Body shop outlets for the price of 3.500 BD for a 10 ml bottle. We think its value it alright since that 10 ml will go a long way if you use a drop once in while for those rare break outs. Or you can always stock up when the Body shop have there seasonal sales.

We'll give the Tea Tree Oil by The Body Shop a 4.5/5 ★★★

Hope you liked today's review
. Our next review will be about the most talked about makeup essential that made its way to the Make up industry in 2011. hmmm you can guess what it is till the next post.
Stay Tuned and take care of your skin,
The Syeda Sisters.

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