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We're always talking about the Italian Brand Bottega Verde on our blog, Facebook, Instagram and sometimes Snapchat as we love almost everything about this Brand.

As usual they surprised us with a big box filled with goodies of Bottega Verde NEW Olive range named OLIVO- Formulated with the finest extra virgin oil straight from their own farms and fields in Palazzo Massaini in Tuscany. The new natural line is designed to provide intense nourishment and moisturization to meet demanding skin needs.

As you can see we got a few products which are specifically for mature skin (above) and maintenance of it as well as products that can be used by all skin types(below) since it's all natural - no worries about sensitive skin or any reactions!

Olive has been a key part of skincare since ages. I remember our grandma used to give us olive oil massages when we were babies cuz it has so many benefits from moisturizing the skin to keeping us warm in the cold winters. Also, on the side note, it tastes amazing as a dressing on hummus and salads here in the middle east & the pickled olives, ufff, ok I should stop and jump to the review instead of moving off to cuisine land and back to blogging land, where we are going to show you the products unboxed as below:

For Mature Skin

For All skin types
This product below is made up of 100% olive oil as you can see on each product they've mentioned the percentage content of Olive that has been used.

This has been going on for two months now and I'm sure it'll last me a long time look at the quantity!

Our mum has been using this cream (as shown below) for nourished toned skin that's designed for mature skin. I honestly can feel a difference in her skin tone after she started using it very even toned. It's gentle to the touch and smells wonderful just like almost all the products at Bottega Verde!

This has also been used by mum as it's facial oil for mature skin. She's loving it! Even though it's a facial oil it very solvent so it doesn't leave the skin feeling oily at all!

This I've been using this body butter because it's for normal to dry skin and I have dry skin issues more so in summers! So perfect timing to be using it just FYI it leaves my skin moisturized and smooth and it's not at all oily it absorbs into the skin and it's 98% olive oil so I don't mind it at all!

Part of this post is also on it's way so stay tuned for our review of the other goodies we got in this generous package by the wonderful team over at Apparel and Bottega Verde!

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Drink plenty of water & take care of your skin with natural products like these!
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