Winter Must Have: Johnsons VitaRich revitalising bodycream.


Hey girls! So winter is still going on in our part of the world which means IF you're looking for a Moisturizing protection cream for dry winter skin or simply an all day moisturizing cream which doesn't leave your skin feeling oily then stop whatever you're doing right now and read this review!

Johnsons Middle East sent Johnson Body care Vita-rich revitalising body cream to us through their awesome agents over at TishTash and as soon as we tried this we were all for it more over now that winter has started suddenly with full force!

It comes in a very simple easy to use packaging which is sturdy and has an eye pleasing combination of colours.

Johnson body Vita-rich Revitalising body cream
Instructions to use:
Swipe as much as you'd like and rub it on to your skin, it can be used anywhere over your body that needs mositurizing, literally!

Before unpacking 
Review: Okay so we've already established the fact that it's super easy to use.Very light nothing too strong and on top of that literally it's makes my skin feel smooth and moisturized without feeling heavy or oily which doesn't happen with me,I have super dry skin in winters but if I put this on before work and not wash my face all day it stays and my skin feels fresh and moisturized!(Now, I know it sounds super cliche but I really don't know how to to put it down in simpler words.)Oh and it works all year round nothing like it being made for the winters so if it's summer where you are you still gotta give it a go! It has added benefits of grapeseed oil which gives a hint of a fruity fragrance, not to over-powering gratefully!

Price &Availability:
It's priced at BD. 4/500 and is available at all major and even  supermarkets across the country and Middle East and even Pakistan!

Hope you liked our quick review. If you're still on the search for the one perfect winter moisturizing cream then this one just might be the one for you! 
So, what are you waiting for? Go get it, use it and you won't regret it!

Lots of Love,
The Syeda Sisters

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