Gardenia Reale by Bottega Verde


Good Morning World!

How's everyone's new year shaping up? Our's proved to be quiet hectic so far and we're not complaining Alhamdulillah for just all the things we take for granted my new year's resolution is just to be thankful for all the tiny little things that happen everyday and for health and peace!

Talking of being thankful we'd love to say thank you to the generous team over at Club Apparel, who've sent us this beautiful care package by Bottega Verde (one of the branches under their umbrella). Everything in it is just designed and perfected in elegance and is just so regal that I had to take close ups. I believe this package deserves all the attention it can get. Please scroll below for the complete details of the package.

1. Gardenia Reale - Body milk (200 ml) 

  This is a hydrating and aromatic body lotion, which softens and hydrates the skin. It has gardenia extract and vitamin E and is paraben free, really effective when used right after a shower.

2. Gardenia Reale - Soaps (100 g)

  It's a beauty soap that release an elegant fragrance and therefore is an a aromatic cleanser.

3. Gardenia Reale - Bath and shower gel (200 ml)

  This as the name suggest is an aromatic bath and shower gel , Apply a dash of the product to wet skin and rub into a soft and delicate lather; rinse well.

4. Gardenia Reale - Eau de toilette (50 ml)

  Smells royal super long lasting I love it , if you go through the notes below you'll understand why it's so    regal and elegant and mind you all the products in this package have the exact same fragrance.

 Scent Details: Top notes: lemon, apple blossom and apple notes. Middle notes: iris and caramel. 
 Base  notes: cedar wood, musk and gourmand notes.

If you'd like to add a royal feel and scent to your day then you need this in your life and if you have a taste for elegant, delicate, royal scents you're going to love this!
You could get it for a friend or a Loved  one, believe me it's perfect for gifting.

That's all for this short thank you post! 

Stay tuned for many more posts lined up for you all! If you have any questions regarding this kindly message us or leave a comment and we'll get back to you ASAP!

Lots of Love,
The Syeda Sisters

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