Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation & Correcting Concealer


Hey Girls,

You know those days when your skin just doesn't feel too great and you have to head out of the house but you can't cuz even that foundation you've been using for years won't make your skin look any better either? Well we think we just found the solution for those days! Today we will be reviewing one of the most natural and lightweight foundation and Concealer we've received by the amazing Team at Bourjois Middle East. The Healthy Mix Foundation and Correcting concealer, p.s it claims to have Anti-Fatigue properties! Just the sound of it makes one feel so fresh already! So, shall we begin?

What they claim about the The Healthy Mix Correcting Concealer?
The Healthy Mix Correcting Concealer is also created from a fruit therapy formula to give you the anti-fatigue action you need!
  • ·Rich in fruit- Raspberry for its microcirculation activator benefits, Apricot for radiance and Melon for hydration.
What they claim about the The Healthy Mix Foundation?
To achieve a dream complexion, 70% more radiant on application*,the Healthy Mix Foundation formula is:
  • ·Rich in fruit- Apricot for radiance,Melon for hydration and Apple for its antioxidant benefits.
  • ·Crystalline pigments- Evens out the complexion and lets natural light through the skin
  • · Anti-oxidising- Vitamin E derivative
  • *tested on 21 women

Our thoughts on the packaging?
It's lovely as you can see super travel friendly sized, both the concealer and the foundation bottle. The foundation bottle has a pump that let's out just the right amount in each pump. The Healthy mix correcting concealer had a diagonal opening that could easily spread the concealer on the targeted area. It comes in a squeezable tube so you can control the amount of product you want in a time.

So we tried out the healthy mix on our wrist to show you guys their concealing ability. I've used it to conceal a long lasting eye liner as you can see below and it pretty much did the job for me. It works great on covering red marks and slight pimples, and equalizes our un even skintone. I applied the concealer first and then the foundation to see how much of a concealing power the healthy mix correcting concealer has, You can see the results for yourself. I was impressed by it honestly. It also gave the healthy glow in the end, not to over powering but subtle enough to wake up your skin. Oh and it also gave a smooth finish.

Drop on concealer.
Spread it over the concerned parts.
Blend it all.
Healthy Correcting Concealer comes in 3 natural shades to reveal a fresh and healthy look:
-         #51 Eclat clair
-         #52 Eclat medium
-         #53 Eclat foncé

Blend it all over equally.
If you feel you need to add another drop do that.
Healthy Mix Foundation offers just the right balance of yellow and pink undertones to reveal the freshness of the complexion. Available in 8 light-filled radiant shades:
-         #51 Vanille clair
-         #52 Vanille
-         #53 Beige clair
-         #54 Beige
-         #55 Beige foncé
-         #56 Hâlé clair
-         #57 Hâlé
-         #58 Hâlé foncé

 Oh and it's waterproof as well, as you can see below:

How is it priced?
Healthy Mix Foundation – 99 AED / BD. 9.900
Healthy Mix Correcting Concealer – 58 AED / 57 SAR / BD. 5.800

Where is it Available? Wojooh,, Lifestyle, MAX and Boots across the Middle East!

Overall, I loved how it sticks to it's claims of giving everyone a healthy glow! Those of you looking for a natural healthy finish foundation should definitely give this a try! For me, it's worth it and I'd repurchase! If you girls have any more questions regarding this, leave us a comment and we'll get back to you ASAP!

Lots of Love,
The Syeda Sisters

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