Snow In Summer '16 in Bahrain


Heyyyy Everyone!

How's everyone's summer going? The heat in Bahrain is just getting tougher with the nights having some mercy on us by dropping the temperature just by 2-3 degrees- that's a lot ok? What was really fun about summer was the exciting event that was in town from the 6th of July to 16th July 2016: Snow in Summer! 

Snow in Summer was a an amazing initiative that was held in the Bahrain exhibition center in the heart of the city, Manama. The main purpose of the event was to create a fun filled experience for children as well adults so that they could enjoy the excitement of snow filled winters, that are sadly not a reality in Bahrain :( 

Thanks to the cool people at  Bahrain Tourism & Exhibitions Authority we got a chance to visit the "Snow in Summers" event along with our little brother, Mamoon. (Check out his blog The Fourth DimensionHere's a little glimpse of the fun we had:

So as soon as we entered we were welcome by pretty white lights decorated or dry winter trees. As we went further inside artificial snow flakes drizzled over us at the entrance of the main hall. There was a large life sized glass globe that had penguins set up inside them along with the monuments of Bahrain. We met Baraa Abdulla as well who was emcee of the event. 

There were a vast array of activities going on including a humangous inflated snow sledge, climbing, two snow garden that has synthetic snowfalls happening every now and then.


 Their was also a cinema that had winter themed animated movies playing like Ice Age & Disney's Frozen. 

 Other than that they also had food stalls selling various kind of snacks like pop corn, juices, ice creams etc. we also spotted a few toy shops that were selling such fun toys. 


We first headed to the Arctic museum that had a ice sculptor displaying his skills. There was also a live music performance by various bands. There was also a little display about the Winter Olympics and its History. 

They also a jumping castle, a gaming center, a electronic ski board that would glide along a virtual screen.

They was a one ride where they were not allowing us to go on since they thought we broke the line and came even though we were patiently waiting in the line for the past half an hour, so that was a little disappointing, but thankfully with the help of the very kind Usher, we were allowed to play.

Snow King & Queen
We honestly had a lot of fun in the snow garden. They gave us snow shoes to wear that doubled the experience. Everything was exceptional and a lot of hard work seems to have been put into creating this event, hats off to the organizers! 

Oh by the way, this event is part of the many events that are being held as part of “Manama Capital of Gulf Tourism 2016 . We hope Bahrain has more of these fun events every now and then! Loved the idea of experiencing Snow in this summer heat of July!

Till our next post, 

Stay chilled, 
The Syeda Sisters

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