Our Bottega Verde Testimonial Gift!


Assalamalaikum Girls,

Today's post is finally going up as I recovered the photographs of our gift! Okay, so we mentioned in our post about the workshop by Ms. Manal which you can see here (http://thesyedasisters.blogspot.com/2016/02/bottega-verde-beauty-workshop.html).

So, what happened was that we had given a testimonial at the workshop and the sweet staff had given us this box of goodies! We'd love to show it to you all so scroll down!

They were very thoughtfully packaged as you girls can see below: (always love unwrapping gifts)

Okay we've built up enough of suspense hehe there you go that's what we received in our cute testimonial box. A spray sunscreen with honey and oat extracts! Delicate hand wash and Shower Gel both in Lavender in their own signature line!

Omaimah needs more sunscreen on a daily basis so I took it to her when I visited her a few months ago. She did a short review of it on her snapchat (@omaimah0logy) and will be posting more about it later because it did suit her and she loved it! It's not the sticky kind that's the best part about it and it protects skin from heat waves.

I kept the Delicate Hand Wash and Shower Gel both of which smell divine!
If you know me (Areesha)  you know how much I love the colour purple and lavender fragrance! Basically everything to do with purple is something I'm fascinated by. So now you know why I kept it hehe! Both the products have a lasting scent and are refreshing just like most shower gels are supposed to be and they're all natural so it's a win win ! All the above are easily available at Bottega Verde located on the First Floor of Seef Mall, Muharraq.

That's all for this post next post is about what mum got in her goodie bag which was given to all the attendees of the workshop!

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Till the next post,
The Syeda Sisters

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