Participation Gift of Bottega Verde Workshop


Assalamalaikum Girls,

As promised this is the balance part of the previous post with mum's goodie bag contents! She and all the other participants that has RSVP to attend received the bag.

First and most noticeable item in the bag was a set of anti aging products to be precise A Smoothing & Filling Program. So, it's for fine lines and wrinkles improvement. Will ask our mum to review this as we haven't used this. We were told at the workshop to mostly avoid anti aging products as they are harsh on skin so before 25 it's cool don't touch them!

Basically all the precautions, ingredients mentioned behind the box of all four products in Italian & English.

And additionally , everyone got these two a Shiny Lip Gloss with Mango butter and Vitamin E, sounds yum doesn't it? Loose eye shadow in glittery teal! 

Omaimah loves lip glosses so I've given it to her and I kept the eye shadow honestly haven't had an occasion to wear such a bright shade yet so haven't tried it but once I do I shall share my experience here! First thoughts would be there packaging is always impressive be it the skincare products or the makeup it's great value for money as they are not priced at the high end and they aren't cheap either its a nominal price for the goods and quality we're getting!

So that's pretty much it for this post , if you girls have any doubts or questions about anything in this post feel free to ask in the comments below and we'll reply super quickly! All of this is Available at Bottega Verde, First Floor Seef Mall, Muharraq. In case you want to go test them or buy them? :)

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Till the next post,
The Syeda Sisters

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