MM Makeup Review of Ethereal Glow in "Radiance"


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We're back with one of our favorite cheek product's reviews! The MMM Ethereal Glow in "Radiance" this is a 2 in 1 blush and highlighter from the Masarrat Misbah Make-Up Range! Scroll on for the Review & swatches!

*Pressed highlighting powder adds light-catching shimmer to give you an EtherealGlow. It blends on easily, gives excellent color pay off and doesn’t streak. (Just FYI: It's Made in Turkey) 

Shade: Illuminous

Shade: Radiant Pink
Shade: Radiance

The Packaging :
  • It comes in black sturdy casing and is conveniently sized which makes it super travel friendly. 
  • The lock is easy to flip open (won't hurt your nails).
  • It has a cute mirror attached on the opposite side as well so that just makes life easier especially if your on the go.
  • The blush cum highlighter is fit in it in a dome shape which ensures a lot of product is fit into an economical space.

    Ethereal Glow in Radiance!
Our Review :
  • Well, as we've mentioned we're not experienced in highlighting (so can't comment on how well it does that but fellow bloggers have said it's good at that too). 
  • Serves the purpose give a radiant & lively glow to your cheeks.
  • Now, for what we do know after using it on several occasions is that it's an awesome blush with great color pay off (pigmented) stays on for hours easily. 
  • A little goes a long one believe me for the swatches I took quite a lot to show you but if you apply lightly the shimmer is very subtle and suits our skin tones (Asians). 
  • Easy to blend as they've claimed.
  • I didn't have any kind of issues after using it but that may vary on your skin type but I doubt you'd have a problem with it.
  • It is affordable for a two in one use product for the cheeks. Expiry is written as 36 months so pretty awesome investment.
  • Best of all it is completely Halal from the ingredients to the production process.

The Swatches :
Just for everyone's information I did the swatches and took pictures in different lighting to let you know the results and color payoff we get in various ways. Loved them all though.

In Natural Day Light
With the Flash.
Artificial (Tube light)
The Price :
It comes at a price of PKR 950/- only which is quite affordable if you consider the fact that it's a 2 in 1 product and the quality is also great.

Availability :
It is available at all Depilex Salons in Lahore & Karachi as well as in Scentation, Dolmen Mall and all Agha's supermarkets. If you prefer online shopping then you can visit their Official Site here (and shop by cash on delivery). For more details & updates you can follow them on Instagram or their Facebook Page.

Hope this post will help you girls decide which MMM Ethereal Glow you'd like to add to your collection.

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