Launch of Mcdonalds #YRTK & Ghabga!


Assalam Alaikum Everyone,

Today's post is about an Awareness Campaign Launch that we attended by McDonald Bahrain called Your Right To Know! Please scroll below to read more about it.

So, the event was all bout their awesome awareness campaign #YRTK - (Your Right To Know) platform that they have launched to let all the consumers know that whenever we want or have a question regarding the food, quality, atmosphere or anything related to Mcdonalds we have  a platform to ask them on and it's available on their website right here-

Marketing Manager -Ms. Dunia
So now in this platform they're are already answered questions available the most commonly asked once of course and there is an ASK option where you can ask your individual customized questions as caught from their site below:


Curious about McDonald’s in the GCC?
Ask us anything about our brand and food, and get factual responses.

Oh and these below were placed in front of us all so that we can ask our questions on it and they were answering them live on the stage. They also said no questions are off limits related to Mcdonals ofcourse so ask ahead!

They also shared with us the news of introducing better hi-tech branches renovated that'll be introduced next year onward as well as the CREATE YOUR TASTE burger customizes burgers of your choice!
Read more about it here-

They also shared with all of us pictures of their past from the beginning up to now to show just how far they have come and believe us they've come a really long way with a lot of hard work and love.

The Staff at Mcdonalds

Their First Branch in Bahrain
This is how they looked like when we were younger!
Apt to Mcdonalds history the event was a family fun event with a lot of things to do like raffle draws, photo booths with funny props and an open buffet.

The cute booth!
Their App!
They also held quite a few quizzes and raffle draws out of which me and my little brother won a few gifts and apart from that they also gave us goodie bags on our way out along with the press release which was uber sweet of them as you see below we were loaded!

Our stash!

The close up of the quiz gifts.
We had a lovely night the venue was beautiful as you can see above, it was a super tiring day for me thanks to me having work the same day! But hey the company and the goodies made up for it!

Thank you once again to Ms. Dunia and her team for inviting us over and showing such great hospitality.

Till the next post,
Take Care & Stay Informed & Ask when you want to it's your right! ;)
The Syeda Sisters

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