REVIEW: Benefit's "Roller Lash" Mascara.


Assalam Alaikum Girls,

Today we're going to review the very much raved about and one of Benefit's TOP SELLING products nowadays - "Roller Lash" Mascara.
We got a complimentary Roller Lash from Benefit at Sephora , Bahrain City Center. We tried it right away and were excited with the results therefore the blog post, so let's begin:

From Benefit Website.*

Very cute, also very convenient for travel purposes we're not sure about the full size one, this is the travel size edition. We loved the color selection very attractive a must have for every girl's dressing table.

The survey results on the side.
    Other side showing the specialty.

    What's so special about "Roller Lash" Mascara?
    It’s a roller for lashes! The eye-opening Hook ‘n’ Roll™ brush grabs, separates, lifts and curls…while the instant curve-setting formula holds for 12 hours.

    The brush and it's hook up bristles.
    What Benefit Cosmetics claims it does?
    "Super curling and lifting mascara" , "It's a roller for lashes"
    Contains Provitamin B5 and Serin, ingredients known for their lash-conditioning benefits.

    97% said it visibly lifts lashes*
    87% said it gives long-lasting curl*
    94% said eyes look more wide open*
    *Results observed in a consumer panel survey on 31 women after 4 weeks."

    Before we move on to the Review, below let us show you in photo's(sorry about the quality) the effect the mascara had :
    Without application.
    Before applying.
    Right after applying it.
      Darkens the eyelashes instantly.
      How to apply?
      Gently wiggle the wand from base of lashes to tip. Repeat across your lower lash line try to make sure you get all the eyelashes covered.

      • The brush & bristles design is created in a way that each eye lash get's the attention it needs to be curled and lifted visibly and eyes do seem wider open.
      • The color is a really dark black so loved that as well as that'll help accentuate the eyes.
      • It is waterproof , who doesn't love a waterproof smudge proof mascara?
      • It is Super long lasting as it claims! Up to 12 hours is not a problem. Once I slept with it on my eyelashes (Thanks to my tiring day and laziness) , but my eyelashes had the same curl when I got up, so YES, they are long lasting for me!
      • It is fairly easy to remove with a makeup remover or baby oil.
      • We found it the texture great for daily use, it gives a good no makeup look to our eyes without effort, pretty chic for a casual day/night out.
      • The packaging and the idea behind the curler re-invention is a great innovation so thumbs up to them for coming up with this idea.
      After applying Roller Lash.
      Final Look.
      Cons :
      They do not extend the eyelashes a lot , but they do curl and lift them. 
      If you're looking for a mascara that would give length and a lot of volume, this isn't the one, but Benefit has a few others in their mascara range which can do that so do check them out here.

      Loved the gift packaging by Sephora.
      Availability & Price :
      Benefits "Roller Lash" mascara is available across all outlets of Sephora (worldwide I believe) & Wojooh here in Bahrain.As well as online on their website link given below.  
      The price is BD.12.5/- for the full size one (as pictured above) and online on their store it is $24 , click to purchase. 
      Rating :
      We shall give Benefit's "Roller Lash" Mascara. 
      ★★★★ 4/5 stars

      Hope the review was beneficial for all of you who were wondering what the hype was about. If you have any other questions regarding it, do comment below and we'll reply ASAP.

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      Till the next Review,
      The Syeda Sisters.

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