Maybelline Colossal Volum' Express Mascara


Assalamualaikum Lovelies!

Did you know? Maybelline is celebrating their 100 YEAR ANNIVERSARY this year! Which is why we are dedicating this post in honor of the celebrations! 

I was surprised, to be honest, I had no idea they're so grown up *hehe .

Without further a due let's begin our review of a Must-Have product & a staple in every girls makeup kit!  The Colossal volume express Mascara! Maybe she's born with it or maybe it's Maybelline! 

  • As you can see the container is lovely! Purple is my favorite color so that caught my eye first and the Yellow was equally eye catching!
  • The packaging is such that it has a lot of product inside it, for me it's lasted quite a while & I'm sure it's thanks to the volume of mascara inside of it.
  • It's easy to handle as well as being travel-friendly. 
  • I've never had any leaking issues or any others problems with it's packaging.
The Mascara!
Details on the back!
The Wand:
  • The bristles of the wand are amazing and precise they help us pick each lash individually and give it the length and lift it deserves!
  • Also the size allows it to be gripped properly in our hands.

The intricate brush on the wand.

Well not exactly a swatch but yes experimented on my eyes! Believe me when I say.. the pictures do NOT do justice to how good it works! You have to try it to believe it!

  • When I started using it I must say the very first time it had a very strong scent indescribable and it would go away in a while but till it was there it would be really strong.
  • I must also mention after using it more than 4 times it stopped and I was so glad it did! 
  • Very easy to glide, although sometimes the wands does touch my eyebrow bone if I do it in a hurry.
  • It has never made clumps on my eyelashes .
  • It clearly divided my eyelashes as you might have seen in the images above. 
  • We, Alhumdolillah have good eyelashes which is why I was more amazed at the extra length it gave my lashes in an instant along with the lift. 
  • It's good for lazy no make-up days it's jet black so it gives a tint of bright black to your eyes and you're ready to go, for a person like me it's good enough for lazy days and a lip tint!
We honestly didn't run into any negative aspects while using this product and it's been over a year.

Availability & Price:
It is available everywhere especially on online shops, over the counter as well as all department stores in almost every country of the world. Price must vary place to place , I got it from India it was INR: 350/-.

We give Maybelline Colossal Volum' Express Mascara
★★★5/5 stars

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