REVIEW: Benefit's "They're Real" push up eyeliner


"they're Real! push-up liner"
Salam sisters!

Today we're finally going to review the very much talked about Gel Eyeliner of the year; "They're Real" push-up eyeliner by Benefit cosmetics, which recently won the "Best of Beauty" & "Breakthrough beauty" award by Allure Magazine. 

We got a complimentary sample from Sephora and thought of reviewing it since we got a hold of it but kept delaying cuz of personal reasons  :) We tried it last Eid and we were so excited with the results that we couldn't wait any longer to write the review and disappoint you guys :D

Note: this review also contain's our views after using this liner for 2nd and 3rd time.

So finally let's begin!
The cute sample size with the orange seal.

What's so special about "They're Real" push up liner-

This Eyeliner is the World's 1st gel eyeliner PEN! Yes you read it right! It's a pen. How convenient does that sound! Not needing to dip your brush back in your pot resulting in an uneven line! (Sometimes*)
Animated image AccuFlex™  from Benefits Website.
The tip of this liner pen is made out of AccuFlex™ technology which is a rubber like tip, gliding evenly along your lash line & giving that perfect winged or any other style look.

What Benefit cosmetics claims it does-

"It’s the FIRST EVER lash-hugging gel liner in a pen! This matte black gel formula won’t smudge, budge or dry out, and the innovative soft AccuFlex™ Tip hugs your lashline from corner to corner. The closer the line, the bigger the eye!

91% said it was longwearing*
81% said it was waterproof*
88% said it hugged the lashline*
84% said eyes looked visibly larger*
*Results observed in a consumer panel survey on 32 women after 2 weeks"
Closeup of the AccuFlex™ tip with the seal
How to use-

Remove the orange seal from the AccuFlex™ Tip of the liner. Then twist the base of the pen and wait for the gel to ooze out of the tip. The number of twists are variant. We got it after 5 to 10 rotations but once you start using it 1 or 2 rotations will be enough. Place the slanted tip on your lash line and glide along whichever style you prefer across your eyelid and voila you're good to go! 

Behind the sample size liner. Made in Japan.

The tip of the push-up liner is the main focus of this creation. It has a diagonal slit opening with one side thicker and the other side thinner resembling to a tear drop. We loved the packaging and it was easy to grip in our fingers.

When the Liner gel comes out.

At first a lot of gel came out as you can see in the image so we had to clean the tip before using it. A few twist after that gives you the right amount. Since it's a gel eyeliner it's not flowy so there are no hastle of leakages. 

We love the jet black color, it really pops up the eyes and makes the, look more vivid. If you see the image below of Omaimah's eye, when their shut it seems like a thin line but it looks thicker when her eyes are open, so our eyes did look visibly larger. (Not sure if you guys can see it in the image)
We were kinda scared at first before using this liner since we read a review stating that it's impossible to remove the eyeliner even with a eye makeup remover! But guess what it got off quite easily for us and in fact more neatly compared to other gel liners we've used. Phew! ^_^.

You'll love this product if your fan of lining your water line. Its a really dark black shade and doesnt shine as much as other gel liners. 

Another thing we loved was- after wearing the liner for 5-6 hrs it DID NOT smudge at all! Also splashing water didn't make eye liner budge either. YAAYYY!


We love how The AccuFlex™ Tip is soft.  However there are times when the gel liner dries up little and it becomes hard to apply it, especially when we had eye makeup on. 

On our second or third try it was so frustrating to apply it in one go :(  Whenever we tried applying a very dull grey or no color would show up indicating that there's not enough gel on the tip but when we would twist the bottom and then start applying again, the gel would crumble and fall off. It took quite a while to achieve the winged look in one go. So maybe this isn't the product for you if you're in a hurry.


Benefits "They're Real" push up liner is available across all outlets of Sephora & Faces in Bahrain for the price of BD.10. Quite pricey for a gel liner compared to the over-the-counter alternatives yeah? but its a nice investment as the soft Accu-Flex tip is going to go a long way if you get a hold of how to use it.  ;)

Re-purchase? Maybe! We loved all the good qualities which benefit claims it does cuz they really did work, but the consistency is just to thick to play with. We're sure we'll get better with practice ^_^ 

We give Benefit's "They're Real" push-up liner 
★★★★4/5 stars

So sisters, Hope this review was beneficial for all of you who were wondering what all the hype is about. 

till the next Review
take care of your skin first ;)

The Syeda Sisters.

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